Responsibility, satisfaction and motivation


Corporate policy

Our people are the most precious resources we have. Their commitment, their personal satisfaction, their motivation contribute significantly to achieving our corporate goals.


As manufacturer of safety parts we have devoted ourselves to give quality highest priority. Every single member of staff is aware of this. The quality of our mutual work is an essential condition and personal obligation.


In their day-to-day activities all employees of the Accuride Wheels Europe & Asia strive for absolute customer satisfaction and cost effectiveness. The generation of synergies between our companies is our greatest endeavour. Enhancing our competitiveness, as well as persistently increasing our productivity are a prerequisite for safeguarding the continuance of the Accuride Wheels Europe & Asia. With our customers in the focus of our activities, their absolute satisfaction while taking into account cost effectiveness, as well as our commitment to continuous improvement (KVP) have preference.

The constant realization of our corporate goals is secured by consequently following our quality and environmental management system. By this, we guarantee the planning, control and monitoring of all quality influencing activities, as well as fulfilment of contractual requirements. This forms the basis of our outstanding quality image and our competitive edge.


Understanding quality in this way ensures that our products and services are a great contribution to enhanced vehicle safety.


Accuride Wheels Ronneburg GmbH